Why I don’t think diets work, and what does

The term diet should be applied to the food you eat, your own personal eating plan; however, it has come to be synonymous with a specific and restrictive formulated meal and nutrition plan. When we follow another person’s diet plan we are not eating our own foods, and this means that the diet does not belong to us.  Once we have completed the diet plan, whether that be to achieve a weight loss goal, or for a specific time period (such as 30 day plans); we then revert back to our own eating plan.

I believe that we need to approach things differently, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and optimal weight we need to take a look at our own eating plan and make adjustments to that, not try to adapt ourselves to the latest celebrity diet or the one that worked for our friends or family.  By making small but sensible changes to our current food choices, over a sustained period, this will become our own eating plan and the key to improving our own health.

It’s not a quick fix, it takes time and repetition and a little bit of effort, but what happens is a slight shift in mindset and a big shift in overall nutrition.

If you have been unable to stick to previous diets maybe this is the reason why?  The eating plan, or diet, is simply not right for you. It may exclude foods that you really enjoy, or include foods that you don’t like.  Often by telling us we can’t have a certain food it creates a sub-conscious desire for them, then we eat them, feel like we are cheating and beat ourselves up over it.  None of this is a healthy way to live.

My personal diet, and those of my clients are not perfect, but they are perfect for me, or John or Mary, because they suit me, my lifestyle and my likes and dislikes.  I love my food and want everyone to enjoy the food that they eat.  But by making small yet sensible changes to our diets, and our levels of activity we can all live happier and healthier lives.

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