Iron rich foods

Iron deficiency is surprisingly common in the UK.  It is particularly prevalent among infants, teenage girls, pregnant women and the elderly.  I, myself, have been rejected from giving blood on several occasions due to low iron levels, and I now ensure I eat iron rich foods regularly.   Iron plays a critical role in transferring … More Iron rich foods

Natures Miracle Trio

Nature is full of amazing ingredients, make sure you get a portion of these three ingredients daily to keep you healthy and happy. Garlic – soups, casseroles, curries or of course garlic bread! Antibacterial Anti-fungal Antiseptic Immune Booster Cancer Fighting Wound Healing Lemon– try a refreshing glass of hot water and lemon each morning Aids … More Natures Miracle Trio

Eating for Energy

If you were to view your body as a machine that required fuel what types of fuel would you put into it and at what intervals to get the optimum performance?  Have you ever thought about whether you are getting the optimum performance out of your machine?  It’s a question that fascinates me and one … More Eating for Energy

Is there nutritional value in eating food you enjoy, and enjoying the food you eat?

My job is a nutritional adviser, my hobby is food and cooking, so my life rotates around food. It’s the first thing i think about and the last thing on my mind at night. I love creating new recipes, feeding myself and my loved ones; but I also have moments where my meal is simply … More Is there nutritional value in eating food you enjoy, and enjoying the food you eat?

Water & Hydration

The first thing I check with my clients is how much water they are drinking.  Water is vital to ensure we function properly.  I spent much of my childhood and early twenties suffering from headaches, but it wasn’t until I reached my thirties that I realised it was often due to dehydration.  There are issues … More Water & Hydration