Prime Leaders

corporate athlete
Designed for businesses. Getting your super stars into shape to be the best leaders they can with a sensible approach to nutrition and wellness that will ensure they are performing at their peak.
Our brains are consumers of energy, and in order to ensure they are working at their optimum we need to make sure they are well fed.  My 2 hour workshops can be delivered to groups of up to 12, we don’t just look at nutrition, but other factors that affect our health and wellness such as stress, energy levels and sleep.  By the end of the session everyone will understand more about the connection between their gut and brain, how what we eat and how we feel directly affects our composure and our learning abilities.  With lots of tips and ideas to take away that can be practically applied to our working day and beyond.
Prices start from £295 for a 1 1/2  hour session, but bespoke packages can be tailored to suit any size of team or business.
Did you know that presenteeism, where employees are coming into work but are actually ill is costing businesses an average of 27 days per employee due to lower productivity levels?  Improving the health and wellbeing of your team is an investment into both them and the business.

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