I love food, and I think it is my job to help everyone fall back in love with food.  Food is not the enemy, you should take joy in eating the foods that you love, and scientific research has shown that we get improved nutritional value when we enjoy the food we consume.  Of course, there has to be a balance, and it’s my job to work with you and help you find the balance that works best for you.

It is a complete program, and we will look at all aspects of your nutrition and wellness; from sleep, gut health, stress,  skin health and everything in between.  Everyone is different; we all have different goals and challenges that we need to overcome.  We will work together over a minimum of 12 weeks, the changes you will make will be appropriate to you, and most importantly specifically tailored to your needs, your likes and your lifestyle.

Each program starts with a 1 hour face-to-face session, usually in your own home where we discuss your goals and aims in detail and talk about your diet history, we catch up on a weekly basis via video calling.  You will need to log your food and drink intake on a special App and each week I will produce a report to show you what vitamins, minerals and nutrients you are eating.  This is not a calorie controlled plan, I will help you find foods that you like that are filled with essential nutrients, which will help you feel full and energised, and more importantly, that you are eating foods you enjoy. We have at least two more face-to-face sessions, which can be at my office or your own home.

I also offer a bonus session which can be used to your best advantage.  Some examples include:

  • cooking sessions
  • shopping sessions
  • food planning
  • kitchen edit

Whatever you need to help you achieve your goals, remember each 12 week course is bespoke, because you are unique!

What does it cost?

If you are within a 15 mile radius of my home (Lichfield) the price for a 12 week course including 4 x 1hour face-to-face sessions, weekly reports, video calls, membership to my closed facebook group where I regularly post live videos, recipes and helpful tips, is just £595

If you are outside my radius I can still offer an online package that includes 3 x 1hour video sessions, weekly video calls, weekly reports and membership to the closed facebook group for just £450.

If you would like to book a free, no obligation discovery call fill in the contact form today.

If you are still unsure, give me a follow on facebook, I still post tips and advice on my general page, and I’d love to see you there.

Wendy x