About me

I feel privileged and honoured to have spent the first 27 years of my career working for my family business.  When I first joined back in 1990 they were a start-up business, and during my time at GBPlastics, the company has grown to a Midlands network of six branches and a turnover in excess of £5million

I’ve been instrumental in shaping GBPlastics’ journey to become an award winning independent builders merchant, developing its enviable sector brand recognition and creating autonomy throughout the branch network.

I’ve always been interested in health and wellbeing, but it became increasingly obvious to us all that this was a passion that I needed to pursue.  In June of 2017 I sold my shares in the businesses so that I could concentrate full time on my nutrition business.   This next chapter in my professional career will see me fulfill my ambition to work with other independents, to utilise my experiences and knowledge to help them achieve their goals.

I am uniquely placed to understand how food and good nutrition affects both our physical and mental wellbeing.  I’ve seen how it contributes to both my own and my colleagues emotional composure, decision making ability and energy levels, and I now help busy people make better decisions about their food choices, empowering them to be better educated and in control of their own health.

I specialise in helping those with limited diets, be it vegan, vegetarian, allergies, or those who simply don’t have a wide range of food they like.  We work together to create diets that are nutritious, easy to prepare and  more importantly really tasty to eat.