Coffee, how much do you drink?

I love the taste of coffee but only drink two cups a day, why?

I used to be a massive coffee drinker, consuming at least ten mugs a day, mostly instant. I thought I was immune to the effects of caffeine and took very little notice of all the articles about how bad it was for me. Then things changed about 12 years ago; I was working stupid long hours installing a new IT system at work, yet struggling to sleep despite feeling exhausted.  So myself and my co-director decided to try switch to de-caff and see if it helped us. We couldn’t believe it, we both felt we had more energy and were sleeping better.

Now I enjoy two cups (well large mugs) of fresh coffee a day, in the morning.

I still love the taste of coffee, but since cutting down to just two caffeine drinks a day I can really feel the impact if I drink more: my heart pounds and I feel a bit anxious.  I think I even suffered from these symptoms in my ‘ten cups a day’ stage, but didn’t attribute it to the amount of caffeine I was drinking.

Lots of my clients drink tea and coffee, and not many people realise that there is almost as much caffeine in tea as there is in coffee.  So I always recommend they reduce their intake to a couple a day, and before lunch if possible.  This isn’t an overnight withdrawal, and is about making small changes over time to ensure that new habits are created.

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