Friday night curry, here is my guide on what are the healthier options, and what to avoid.

So, you’ve been eating healthy all week; but it’s been a really long week, and you really fancy going out for a curry tonight. But, you have no idea what to order, and you don’t want to destroy all that hard work you’ve done this week.

Never fear, Wendy’s here.

Below are my top tips for what to order, so that you can go out for a curry tonight.



  • Samosas – they may be the ultimate Indian street food snack, and whilst they are filled veggies, all the healthy stuff is folded into a pastry shell or wonton skin, then deep fried in bubbling fat.
  • Pakoras – fabulous pieces of veg, that they take and dip them in batter and given a quick bath in hot oil. Avoid the take-away or restaurant versions, but if you want to make them at home use chickpea flour and bake them in the oven – delicious!


  • Fish or chicken tikka – these are lovely skewers of juicy fish or meat coated in spices and grilled, often served with a healthy side salad.
  • Tandoori kebabs – usually minced lamb mixed with spices and grilled, often served with a healthy side salad.



  • Chicken tikka masala – this isn’t even an Indian dish! Full of cream and best avoided.
  • Butter Chicken – the clue is in the name really isn’t it?
  • Korma dishes- super creamy and loaded with calories.


  • Madras – if you can take the heat this spicy tomato based curry is a great option.
  • Bhuna – on the dry side it will definitely be healthier that the creamy sauces.
  • Rogan Josh – another tomato based curry, much milder than a madras if you don’t like it too hot.



  • Nan – its just bread isn’t it? Yes a massive white doughy bread, which has generally doused in ghee before it’s served, get real you know it’s not a healthy option.
  • Fried rice – who are you kidding, you know why.


  • Plain basmati rice – the traditional accompaniment to a curry. It scores quite high on the fibre stakes and is a pretty healthy option compared to other white rice. Have it at home too instead of your usual white rice.
  • Sag aloo and aloo gobi – remember we still need to get your veggies in, so unless you’ve chosen a vegetable based curry, get yourself some tasty veggie sides. No-one does vegetables as well as Indian’s (in my humble opinion).
  • Chana dhal or dal – however you spell it, this means lentil dish, we all know lentils are good for us, combine with chickpeas and it’s a dish positively glowing with energy.


Honestly, Indian deserts are just a total sugar fest and it’s best if you just avoid them. However, if you are not totally stuffed after eating all those starters, mains and sides, and you have a really really sweet tooth; then just order one dish and share it.
Hopefully you are now armed with some healthy options, and you can safely visit your favourite Indian restaurant tonight. Don’t forget, if you are unsure just ask your waiter; they will always know what ingredients are used in each dish and will be happy to suggest alternatives, order something different tonight, you might just like it!

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