Do you invest as much on your inside as your outside?

Often I see clients when they have been given a diagnosis of illness, maybe it’s Diabetes, IBS, Crohns, Coeliac, or more seriously a heart attack.  Whilst I am proud to be able to help improve the health of those who are suffering with illness, how amazing would it be if people sought the advice of a nutritionist to help them keep healthy?

I know lots of people who constantly invest in their outside.  We have our hair done regularly, both ladies and men.  We may invest in skincare, lotions, potions, facials and maybe even fillers or botox.  How about that fabulous new suit, or pair of shoes?

These are all important to our business persona, after all we want to look good and send out the right message.  But what about whats going on inside?  How much thought do we give to how well that’s all working??

You may go to the gym a few times a week and maybe even have a personal trainer, and that is definitely a step in the right direction.  But  putting your body through intense exercise could be adding to the oxidative damage, and so whilst it’s important to move more, there are many other aspects to wellness that we should be considering.

Mental Health.  When was the last time you relaxed? Really relaxed? Have you tried meditation?  It’s not about spending hours in the lotus position, there are many apps out there such as Calm which help you train you brain and encourage balance.  And I recently went on a fabulous mental health first aid training program. I am now a first aider, and much more aware of how important awareness is.

Tension.  We are increasingly working over laptops (I am doing just the same today), hunched over for several hours a day.  Sit up straight for a minute, have a stretch and just asses how those neck and shoulder muscles are feeling.  If you are contracted and tense, then a massage might be a good investment.

Stretching – whilst cardio health is important, stretching is just as good for you.  Yoga comes in many shapes and forms, and is suitable for all levels, it improves flexibility and posture and can also encourage better digestion and circulation.  And if it’s good enough for the England rugby team then it’s good enough for me!

Healthy Food
Healthy Food

Nutrition – if you are not putting the good things into your body, you simply cannot expect to get the best out of it.  Food fuels your body and your brain, and something we cannot do without, so eat well to feel well.  We also need to be aware of how well our body is processing those nutrients. I see many people who have a fairly healthy diet, but have poor gut health and so are not able to efficiently absorb the nutrients from the food they are eating.

Hydration – this definitely deserves it’s own point as so many of us overlook it and yet it is the simplest easiest way to improve and maintain good health.  Aim for 2 litres of water or herbal teas daily to ensure sufficient hydration.

As a trained nutritionist my area of expertise is food and absorption.  I concentrate on helping people find solutions that work for them, and improve their gut health so that they can get all the essential vitamins and nutrients they need for optimal health. From as little as £60 I offer 1-1 consultations where I help busy people find simple and achievable ways to improve their inner health. Please feel free to contact me for a free 20 minute call.

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