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Welcome to Hill Start Nutrition. Your local Nutritionist & Healthy Lifestyle expert in Lichfield.

Hi i’m Wendy and if you have a long term health issues including gut issues, constant tiredness, poor sleeping, type 2 diabetes and would like to feel healthier and have more energy, then I can help.  I specialise in those with limited diets, be it vegan, vegetarian, allergies, or those who simply don’t have a wide range of food they like.  We work together to create diets that are nutritious, easy to prepare and  more importantly really tasty to eat. Please contact me today for a chat on how I can help you get healthy and ensure this fits into your lifestyle.

Taste test with the Wilderfit boys

This week I did a taste test for the guys at Wilderfit. Both have lost quite a bit of weight ...
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Veganuary? What is your motivation?

I know that many of you have decided to commit to becoming vegan for January, or Veganuary as it is ...
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Today is for living, don’t wait till tomorrow

The Dalai Lama when asked what surprises him "Man! Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then ...
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Friday night curry, here is my guide on what are the healthier options, and what to avoid.

So, you've been eating healthy all week; but it's been a really long week, and you really fancy going out ...
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