Eating more fibre will make you happier

In the UK we only eat, on average, about half the amount of fibre that we should. It seems perfectly acceptable to discuss how many carbs or protein you are eating, and the latest diets, however talking about fibre is deemed to be much less acceptable.  The obvious link between fibre and bowel movements means that it is a bit of a taboo subject but did you know that it’s not just our bowels that are affected by our fibre intake?
A healthy intake of fibre has been associated with good gut health, it would seem that those gut bacteria enjoy munching on fibre, and love it when we eat plenty of fibre rich vegetables.  Good gut health is not just important for digestion; a healthy gut also means you have a healthy mind.  The gut and the brain are connected by the vagus nerve; so the happier we keep the gut the happier you will feel.
Now do you think eating more fibre should be a priority?
But. How to get more fibre into your diet without eating bowls and bowls of bran?
Easy: these snacks are full of good stuff, including fibre.  They will help you beat the mid-afternoon slump and keep your gut, brain and bowels happy – what more could you ask for?

hummus and celery
Hummus and celery

  • Hummus with carrot or celery sticks
  • Apple with walnuts
  • Wholegrain toast with peanut butter and banana
  • Dried apricots and almonds
  • Oatcakes topped with avocado
  • Prunes stuffed with feta cheese
  • Popcorn (sprinkled with spices and herbs if you fancy)
peanut butter and banana toast
High fibre snack

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